Tools and technologies I use.

1PasswordStop remembering passwords.CleanShot XScreen capture, enhanced.DaisyDiskVisually analyze your MacOS disk usage.DovetailWhere customer knowledge lives.FigmaCollaborative interface design tool.GitHub DesktopSimple repository management.ImageOptimLosslessly optimize images for the web.LinearSimple, focused issue tracking.NordVPNSecure and private internet access.NotionDocuments with endless possibilities.PitchModern, collaborative presentation tool.SlackThe platform for teamwork.PostmanBuild and test APIs.SparkUnified, native and powerful email client.SpotifyEnjoy and curate the world's music.StakeTrade U.S. stocks from Australia.TextsAll of your messages in one inbox.TypefullyProfessional tools for Twitter.VS CodeThe code editor for the modern web.Poet.soMake pretty Twitter screenshots.Ray.soMake pretty code snippet screenshots.UnsplashFree, high-quality photos.ZoomVideo conferencing, simplified.GitHub CopilotAI-powered code completion.Screen StudioBeautiful screen recordings in minutes.HyperExtensible and minimal Electron-based terminal.

Am I missing something awesome? Let me know!