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Beskar is the after-hours digital playground from Hayden Bleasel — my corner of the internet to publish content, build apps and experiment with new technologies.

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A Brief Introduction to Modern Frontend EngineeringA high-level overview on the tools and technologies in frontend engineering... without getting too technical.Jan 26Streaming OpenAI completions with the Vercel Edge RuntimeI recently built my first AI-powered app on Vercel. Here's how I did it.Jan 14Making react-syntax-highlighter "editable"react-syntax-highlighter is a great tool for highlighting code snippets, but it is not editable. Let's hack an editable state together!Jan 13Automated refactoring with codemodsCodemods are scripts that can automatically transform code from one syntax to another, making it easy to refactor or update large codebases.Jan 5Enabling HSTS Preload in Next.jsLearn how to enable HSTS preload in Next.js to improve your website's security.Dec 8